Principal's Desk



Guru Nanak Khalsa Sr. Secondary School, a co-educational institution named after the immortal luminary, the great Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji whose teachings and ideals shall always inspire us.

Chardi Kala is our perpetual mood

Sarbat Da Bhalla is our mission.

Education has always been considered a vehicle for inculcating values for making a good society having central focus on social development, as a source of developing good human beings and good citizens.

We want to provide the apt facilities for learning social and other Science, irrespective of caste, and place of origin, capable of shouldering responsibilities towards GOD and their families and neighbourhood and their fellow men. The first tentative steps that a child takes out of his home into school, marks the beginning of a long journey. This institution considers its privilege and responsibility to make this journey fruitful and enjoyable.

Ms. Rajwinder Kaur