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Library Facilities

  • Laboratories
  • Computer Education
  • N.C.C.
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Spiritual Education
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Reservation and other facilities
  • Sports and Games
  • Canteen cum Stationery
  • Served Mid day Meal up to class VIII


Medical Facilities

Medical check up is being conducted time to time and two doctors are also deputed to provide the medical facilities to the students.

Dr. (Mrs.) Prabhjit Kaur



There are seven laboratories, one each for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Home Science, Work Experience and Computer. The laboratories are well designed, airy and well-lit. Modern in style and content and well stocked with equipment, instruments and data, the laboratories offer a rich experimental atmosphere and support. A lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for student use, with wash areas at every table.

The Dimension of Labs.

1 Chemistry Lab - One
Dimension - 21’ x 30’ = 630 sqr feet
2 Physics Lab - One
Dimension - 21’ x 24’ = 504 sqr feet
3 Biology Lab - One
Dimension - 21’ x 24’ = 504 sqr feet
4 Maths Lab       -       One
Dimension      -       21’ x 24’ = 504 sqr feet
5 Home science Lab- One
Dimension      -       15’ x 20’ = 300 sqr feet
6 Work experience - Two
Dimension      -       15’ x 20’ = 300’ x 2 = 600 sqr ft
7 Computer Lab -       One
Dimension      -       21’ x 24’ = 504 sqr feet



Class Rooms Available For Study Purpose - 35 (21 X24 sqr feet)

Lab Purpose - 07 (21 X 24 sqr feet)

Other Purpose - 06


The students participate regularly in tournaments at the school, District, State & National levels.

Physical education is an indispensable part of education that contributes to the holistic development of an individual. It helps to develop healthy and responsible students and instills in them various skills and qualities that add to their overall development. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and thus, School has a lot to offer the students in terms of sports.

The school also has provisions for morning training prior to the routine classes where the students are prepared for various tournaments

We also have the Annual Sports Day during which student exhibit their skills in track and field events. The little ones from classes Nursery to XII have a Sports Day where the focus is on skill development, having fun and participation by all.

The Dimension of Playground

S.No. Name of Game Numbers of Grounds Dimension of Playground Remarks
1 Hand Ball One 40M x 20M  
2 Football One 100 yard x 60 yard  
3 Volley Ball Two 18M x 9M  
4 Basket Ball One 28M x 15 M  
5 Badminton One 40 Ft x 17Ft  
6 Kho-Kho Two 29M x 16 M  
7 Chess     Indoor game


School Library

The School library is an active learning and resource centre for staff and students.The school houses a huge Library covering 504 sq.ft. space. The collection of books is large and varied. The quality of books and the rich variety of texts available is the hallmark of the library. Spacious, comfortable and tranquil, the environment is that which encourages and stimulates reading and research interests. The school library has over 4575 books. It subscribes to several newsletters, periodicals, magazines and newspapers. It also has a stock of multimedia materials (CDs and DVDs ) for use in the classes

In fact, the library specialises in the reference section where the students are actively encouraged to use the library for independent study and for research towards their presentations and projects.

Library stocks are routinely updated with latest addition of the books available in the market.

The school library caters to the need of all classes from Nursery to XII.

A Dimension 504 sqr feet
B Numbers of Books 4575
C Cost of Books 1,76,395.00 Approximate


D: Different categories of Books:-

1 Maths 2 English
3 Hindi 4 Punjabi
5 Science 6 Social science
7 G.K 8 Computer
9 Biology 10 Physics
11 Chemistry 12 Religious
13 Commerce 14 Primary
15 History 16 Pol science
17 Physical education 18 Reference Books.


E Annual Budget for the Library Approximately 18000/- per annum
F Number of Magazines 11